15 Feeble Beauty

If you are not careful,clear and often courageous. You will not behold beauty only what men have convinced themselves that it is. A sickly,ever changing, delicate and ailing perception. The sort that is ever changing. Season in,season out,generation and generation out. Vague,uninformed  and unspirited.

Train not your eyes only,its simply one of five or even more senses. Is it not foolish the to dissern with little than a fifth of those. Then forget the rest that is you.

So,next time you think of pronouncing anything beautiful, think longer,stare longer(a beg do not scare a human),listen longer,feel longer,taste longer(food is beautiful too). Just stay longer and in time you might find the concept of beauty is more complicated. Not as feeble and fleeting,but wise,with depth. 

Maybe just maybe beauty is beautiful too!

“The best part of beauty is that no picture can express….”~ someone(Google)

Happy beauty finding loves,even within yourself💌


14 Quick Sand

Strip me of it all.

All I bring with me.
Take it all,I plead.
Take what is holding this heart captive
Rendering it Stone cold.
Take the words,so many
Too many I dare not speak.
The flames,burning,scolding every inch.
What will I be left with?

The numbness,my back aches.
Dragging my feet in a hurry going everywhere and nowhere.
Let me stay,wash it all.
Emmerse me fully.
Warm sun,salty waters.
Just for a minute.
I am free of it all.
Just for a minute I have a grip in quick sand.Just as the creator meant.

“Iby’ejo bibara ab’ejo”~Rwandese saying.       (Tomorrow is for those tomorrow)

Happy living in this moment,yes this very one you stand in🌻

13 Different 

Let me tell you a story. She said sitting down. 

Once upon a time,there was Beauty. Beauty was once broken but perfectly put back together. Beauty thought so too,as people  stoped to admire. Beauty often told the story.”I am no humpty dumpy,I need not all the King’s men and Horses.”

One day World had to  see, to see this Beauty they spoke of.                            “Well, those edges could do with some refining “said world.  “You really are like no one else” ,”hmmmm🤔,different,yhh that’s it ,different that’s you” As World looked Beauty  up and down in slight amusement and strong rivalry ,Beauty felt the stare  and it left quite the chill.

People visited Beauty  often, but Beauty kept the head down looking side ways to find ways of looking,being like the rest. Different was not special anymore, merely a reason to be the spectacle,a sore thumb,ugly, lonely,harsh and unrefined. Little did Beauty know the rough edges where weapons against World,keys that fit perfectly to let Beauty out of World’s dungeons.

Soon Beauty had little unrefined  edges. Cutting pieces off of self as if they were unwanted illness,as if to reshape to fit places. Places Beauty was not meant for.

Child I am tired,say what we skip some of our story and I’ll  come back to it.I will tell you what happened in between next time but Beauty made it back to self. She said with wary eyes and continued. 

The cold did not freeze Beauty to death,  Beauty was different. Remember.                The wolves were not strong enough to tear Beauty apart. See by the time World sent all it had Beauty was rebuilding her home ,remembering Different was special,closing out World’s whispers and the stares.

Just like Beauty my child,don’t you change for  World. World will adjust for you in time. Better yet, you will learn it never needed to . It is You World need be afraid of. You were always equipment  for all the battles and  wars World brings.

She got up,grinned as if to say don’t you ever forget and I never.

“Please,for the sake of my shattered and exhausted heart,don’t turn out to be like everybody else. “~Nakita Gill.                        Thank you friend, loving  Nakita’s short poems🙏
Happy Being❤

12 Happiness  Is A State Of  Mind 

I have a malady, it refuses to let me go. I’ve got a confession, I am addicted to joy. Now this might seem strange,it’s alright . I think so too. *shrugs shoulder* 

I’ve got a sunshine disposition.                    I’ve got a wide smile disposition.                 I’ve got a disposition to the sound of laughter and I mean the ugly one. With tears,no pleasantries and felt by every single cell in the body.                                     See, if I am going to be infected I choose an antidote.

Adversity has nothing on me,the miniscule beauty of life has always been too far from its reach and so we sit down often for coffee.☕

Joy might be my first daughter’s name,I figure it will never leave her side that way.On the cold,rainy,cloudy days warm hugs will show up like a long lost friend.🤗🤗🤗

And as for you,the next time you see me and I am smiling to myself amidst it all,don’t blame it on the boogie but really on the sunshine.🌞🌞

The next time you need a little laughter,won’t you pass by.                          I promise to tickle it out of you.                    I promise to be your jester.                            I promise to ‘shine these my teeth of mine'(in the words of my Naija friends)    Infact we’ll get you a Colgate contract.


“To fling my arms wide                                     In the face of the sun,                                     Dance! Whirl! Whirl!…..”~Langston Hughes  (Letter to my daughter ~May Angelou)
Happy cheesing loves❤

11 Breath In,Begin again

Beginnings are where we start,not where we return.

Where we are filled with hopes for better but not where better resides, is what it seems like. But then, we could have skipped Genesis in the Bible,erased history books,genealogy would not be a need and  long term memory would be of no use.

Its that time of the year when exams are around the corner (student life),life and extra curricular activities start to look like the longest to do list  and so one gets swept up in it all. These times often have me in excitement, stress,anxiety, happiness,confusion and then in nots,overwhelmed and basically lost in the sauce(simply lost). I survive but I am ,at last learning to thrive😊

I go back to the beginning,retrace my footsteps. Remember where my strength comes from,”for I have good plans for you… Jeremiah 29:11″
I remember what I was created for….”to worship” who I am…”a daughter to the most high”  Amidst all that is going on I finally feel back home,ready to pick up and march on in strength.
See  its true that you need to look back as its the only way to remember our identity and why  we even embarked on the journeys in the first place.

Therefore when you are stuck, don’t be afraid to revisit your Genesis,remember the hopes that lead you to this road.
In the beginning…….
Happy journeying❤

10 It is 02am You’re on my Mind Papa.


I had so many  loses before but this time I had plenty. You were plenty.
To teach me ,how to love.
To teach me,how to worship.
To teach me,how to see not look.
To teach me to know not to speculate.

My heart is heavy Pa, ndagukumbuye(I miss you)
Oh how feable this body is “umubiri uroroshye mwana wa”,I remember.
“Igiko,ni wowe? Gikuni” (Girl,is that you?) my favorite words to hear,always amazed at how you knew me,years could not erase my voice from your memory. “Igira hino”( come close) and then you’d embrace me and I would find so much solace in your greetings because I was Home.

“Cherie wanjye arihe?”(where’s my Dear) referring to Maman(Grandma). Loooved it,another favorite phrase.

As I toss and turn tonight, thinking of a conversation I had earlier,one that I’d wished you be apart of. You would say something sarcastic like “kirabeshya di”(she is telling a fib) of which you would laugh at your own joke then go on to ask for every last detail.Just in case you want to know, I was talking of how extraordinary you are.
I can’t help but want to come wake you up,sit down next to you, tell you every little thing that’s happened since you left then just keep quiet and stay,just stay like the good ol’ times.

Pa,thank you for seeing me without eyes.
This bitter sweetness,burning fire ,running river, that visits me so often I am grateful for. So, I am praying the angels keep this somewhere special,for now this is for me to keep loving you, for me. Let me be selfish,let me reminisce.
“Urare aharyana mukunzi” (goodnight my love)
See you on that morning, see you at morning dawn.

….Better to have loved and lost,to have held and kept memories….
” Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”~ Shannon L. Alder.


09 Soul to Soul

What’s a soul they asked?

Well ; body,mind,spirit the trinity made one my the One Trinity.
See there’s a saying that goes ‘do not make another soul your home’
Implying that we are given our own,therefore not to invade another’s.
Here’s the thing more often than not I find so many beautiful souls I can call home not because it is mandatory but because somehow they pull out a chair and say seat. Somehow they say let me shelter you my friend, somehow I come home to myself but they say won’t you share with me and somehow they find it in them to say won’t you let me rock you to sleep baby.
I am grateful for my safe shelters ,the souls that I have never owned but find space to share and bare. To laugh and cry. To rejoice and mourn. To let go and to hold and most importantly to love.
I am grateful for my homes,the places I return to often.🏡

“For the two of us, home isn’t a place. It is a person. And we are finally home.”~unknown.